West Burton Boarding Kennels

Doggy boot camp.

Has your dog got a bit roly poly ?
Do you find it hard to resist those pleading eyes, pleading for what you know you shouldn't give them, i.e. more food ?

It is not a simple matter to get weight off heavy dogs.

Dogs, and indeed humans, slow down their metabolic rate in response to reduced food (the survival mechanism). This is countered by increased exercise, however this must be done little and often (up to 8 times a day) for short periods to minimise any damage to leg joints.

We offer a tailored regime of restricted food and increased exercise.

The first step is a visit to your vet to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions and to have your dog weighed, then contact us to establish a tailored plan, timescale and costs.

Wash & brush up

A full wash, brush & dry service for all dogs.

This can be incorporated within a stay in the kennels, or by appointment

Please call for prices and availability

West burton kennels

We offer an unrivaled mix of quality care, in quality accommodation delivered by our caring staff.
Put simply we provide a comfortable stay for your pet, and peace of mind for you.