West Burton Boarding Kennels

Never been in kennels before ? Why not come and try.

During our off peak period of October - April we offer a free introductory day course on Tuesday and Wednesday.

It starts by dropping off your pet between 10 - 1030 along with a small piece of their bedding, with their familiar smell on it, and a couple of non-squeaky toys.

We then take them through the normal kennel routine of exercise and play and you collect them betwen 4 - 4.30 p.m.

This give us sufficient time to assess your pet and give you an honest opinion as to their suitability to kennels.

Our experience is over 99% of all trials are successful. The occasional unsuccessful visit is invariably caused by over-bonding with the owner, i.e. dog with owner 24/7. We have successfully worked with owners to overcome this condition. Please contact us to discuss if you think this may apply to your pet.

West burton kennels

We offer an unrivaled mix of quality care, in quality accommodation delivered by our caring staff.
Put simply we provide a comfortable stay for your pet, and peace of mind for you.