West Burton Boarding Kennels


There are a variety of different sized kennels to accommodate most sizes of dogs, some are double Units in which larger dogs from the same family can share.
Each kennel is spacious looking across a central corridor to other residents. Each kennel unit has an elevated double-glazed window, an insulated door to the outside run and an individual heat lamp.

All units are contained within a brick building (built to residential standards, i.e. cavity and wall insulation, concrete roof tiles) This helps keep the dogs warm in winter and more importantly, cool in summer. Access to the external run is available to your dog throughout the day (weather permitting). This ensures puppies or older residents are able to rest when they choose to do so and that more active dogs can get as much fresh air as they want!


Each dog enjoys sole use of one of the exercise areas four times a day. The 25 meter exercise areas are grassed, securely fenced and regularly poop scooped. Bring a ball or frisbie to play with!


We supply sturdy hygienic plastic baskets and soft acrylic vet bedding which is regularly changed. We welcome a small piece of used bedding with their familiar smell on it.


We encourage our customers to bring in their pets normal home diet, as experience has shown us that is is better for them, even if it takes us slightly longer to prepare their meals.

Written instructions and measuring cups are helpful.


All bookings are taken on the basis that your pet is fit and well. Unfortunately, however, existing conditions can worsen and new conditions develop between booking and arrival. It is essential that you contact us, not the vets, to determin your dogs needs and wether their condition is compatible with boarding. This is a serious issue for all parties, therefore, failure to do so in advance may result in us refusing admittance.

Admittance will also be refused on arrival if your pet shows any symptoms of possible infectious illnesses such as KENNEL COUGH, MANGE or similar conditions. We will admit your pet if a vet confirms your pet is clear of any infectious illness and of course reimburse any costs incurred.


All dogs must be vaccinated against canine parvovirus, distemper, leptospirosis, and infectious canine hepatitis.
(These are the usual annual vaccinations recommend by your veterinary sugeon)
We also recommend vaccination against kennel cough

West burton kennels

We offer an unrivaled mix of quality care, in quality accommodation delivered by our caring staff.
Put simply we provide a comfortable stay for your pet, and peace of mind for you.